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Florida Wholesale Christmas Trees

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Kandy Kane Christmas Treeland
10001 N E 27th Terrace, Anthony, FL  32617, 352-629-5634
Fax: 352-629-7485; Email: jkcramer@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.kandykanechristmas.com/

Note: Telephone area codes can change frequently. Please be sure to double-check the local area code for the Christmas tree farm you are contacting.

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Kandy Kane Christmas Treeland
10001 N E 27th Terrace, Anthony, FL  32617
Phone: 352-629-5634; Fax: 352-629-7485; Email: jkcramer@earthlink.net
Hours: 9-6 Tues-Sun Friday after thanksgiving until Dec 24th
Directions: Take State Rd 200A to Anthony, Florida and follow signs
Choose & Harvest: Florida Sand Pine, Leyland Cypress
Pre-Harvested: North Caroline Fraser Fir
Features: Peanut boil on weekends, free coloring books and candy canes for children
Website: http://www.kandykanechristmas.com/

Elk Park, NC

E & E Christmas Trees
P.O. Box 186, Elk Park, NC 28622, Phone: 1-866-534-6196, Fax: 1-828-733-8738
Email: ellandedw@bellsouth.net
Hours: Wholesale Fraser Fir Trees and Wreaths
All trees cut baled & loaded freight FOB
6-7' #1's $18.00 Fraser Fir,
7-8' #1's $22.00 Fraser Fir,
8-9' #1's $30.00 Fraser Fi




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