Baby Reindeer story on TV (You Tube)

These reindeer has been a long-term residents at My Christmas Tree Farm in Ankeny, Iowa -
Since my retirement all the reindeer have returned to the North Pole.


Reindeer is a great way to bring the media to your farm. It makes YOUR farm stand out from other farms in the area. There are good and bad points about having reindeer on your farm. Reindeer require special treatment and strong fences. They don't jump over them, but they will try to climb them if scared. Neighborhood dogs are a concern as the reindeer run from them, so dogs especially stray or wild dogs will figures out a way to get in the fenced in area and chase or harm the deer. Also you have to have a Federal Zoo license to own them if people come to the farm to see them. The license is easy to get, but requires that a vet see them annually and give them their shots. ome deer are easy to service, but most will run away from the vet so you have to make a way to catch them using gates so they don't have the entire foeld to run in all the time. The gates also let you keep reindeer for over eating one field.

They are a great asset to selling memories of your tree farm. Remember we don't sell trees, we sell memories (driving out to the farm, running in the field, finding that one living tree and harvesting it and bring it home.


Baby reindeer born on my farm

Reindeer 1 month old with mama

Both the female and male reindeer have racks


Prancer: approximately 4 year old male reindeer

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