Captain Jack's Christmas Tree Farm Network


By Richard K. Conant


The Littlest Christmas Tree stood on the hill, wondering still,
"Will I be chosen, chosen this year?"
"Don't worry dear," said the Mother Tree near,
"you may be chosen, chosen this year."


"I feel so lonely, lonely and sad. Have I been bad?"
asked the Littlest Tree.
"You haven't been bad," said the kind Mother Tree.
"You're a good little tree, you must wait patiently."


Bough-bent and broken by wind and by storm,
the Littlest Christmas Tree had an uneven form.
Spurned and rejected by all who passed by,
the Littlest Christmas Tree began to cry.


"Don't cry, Little Tree," said a bear standing there.
"How would you know that you wouldn't grow, year after year?"
"Little Tree, please don't cry," said a squirrel nearby.
Then a blue jay, a chickadee, an owl wise and strong,
a cardinal, and a woodpecker, with a beak very long,
flew onto the tree and burst into song!
"Thank you, O' thank you! My friends, you are dear!
Now I'll be chosen, chosen this year!"


The Littlest Christmas Tree was happy that day,
'til thunder and lightning drove his friends away!


The kind Mother Tree was taken that night
by a family who rode in a a sleigh.
She offered these words of comfort,
before she was carried away.
"A Christmas Tree's purpose is to bring love and joy
to every girl and boy at Christmas.
So have faith, my son, for your chance will come,
and you will be chosen someday."


All alone in the night, beneath stars glowing bright,
the tree looked toward heaven for light.
A star sailing by in the twinkling sky
shined its light on the Littlest Tree.


As it bathed in the light, on that one special night,
the tree heard a voice say aloud,
"Because you are bent, broken, and small,
you are the most beloved of all-
for the love that's inside is a gift that you hide!
Let it shine forth on this night."


And The Light from above rekindled the love
deep inside the Littlest Tree.
The hill glowed that night,
for the tree's love shined bright.
And happiness fell all around.


When Spring came at last to the trees on the hill
the Littlest Christmas Tree was wondering still,
"Will I be chosen, chosen this year?"


When Summertime came and the other trees grew
the Littlest Christmas Tree wondered anew,
"Will I be chosen, chosen this year?"


And would you believe, that on Christmas Eve
the Littlest Tree looked toward heaven,
And the light from a star, in the heavens so far,
caused the Littlest Tree to remember
The Light from above and its message of love
on that special night last December!
And the hill glowed that night,
for the tree's love shined bright.
And happiness fell all around.


"O' Father, dear Father, please look over there,"
said the boy in the wheelchair,
as he stared at the Littlest Tree.
"Yes, that is the one, it's so lovely, my son.
We'll bring it home for Christmas."


So the Littlest Christmas Tree went home at last,
embraced in the little boy's care.
"Dear Little Tree, you're just like me,"
said the littlest boy in the chair.


And the tree shined that night,
with its message of Light,
and happiness fell all around.



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